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We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you have other questions, feel free to email us at tanyax@x-foto.net. 


"What do you mean by looks"? 

Looks are considered wardrobe changes or different Locations with the same wardrobe.  Also same clothing and different backgrounds would be considering different looks.  The minimum package is a 2-look session for headshots.


"Where do we shoot?" 

You would decide location and time!  We could come to your place and set up light strobes and shoot lifestyle and even set up seamless backgrounds if desired, and/or we could go outdoors to get a natural background.


“Why don’t you shoot in a Studio?”

People feel more comfortable in their own environment, and that is why I would rather come into their world for them to feel more at ease, than coming to a studio.  I have also found that this will give the images the uniqueness and a personal touch to their images as oppose to having the same background as everyone else.  I have my own lighting equipment and can set up at any home/office to make sure that we have the perfect lighting to snap away!


"Are the exposures on the package the only ones you take?" 

No, I shoot and shoot to make sure that we have what you want.  I show you what I am shooting in between frames to make sure that I am capturing what you like, and we can make changes on the spot if needed.  I will direct you through the shoot and would make you feel as comfortable as possible.

"What happens after the shoot?"

In the days following the shoot you will get an email to an online gallery to share with your love ones/manager/agent, and you will also receive an email with a link where you would be able to download your images. 

"Ok, I am ready to book, now what?"

I usually book up at least 2 weeks in advance.  Please send an email through the contact page, with your basic info and when you are looking to shoot.

“Why don’t I get my RAW files with my package?”

I shoot RAW files and not Jpegs. A RAW file is a digital negative or the equivalent of a film negative. Just like Negative film needs processing in a darkroom, RAW files need processing in a digital darkroom. In order to process RAW files, you would need to have a computer and Photoshop, it is time consuming and requires skills that the average Joe does not have. Many people who can play a bit with Photoshop believe that they are experts but with all due respect I can guarantee, that most people do not have the skills to process the images the way a professional photographer can.   I do however, offer a High-Res file package for those who would rather enhance their own images because they are experts in PS, but I do not give my RAW files out.  


“Why are Custom Prints paid for separately and are not included?”

I like to have control over how my photographs are printed. For Custom High-Res Files, I focus on things like selective dodging and burning, perfecting skin tones, contrast, and enhancing colors. I take pride on my work and I want to make sure that it is printed and enhanced the way I would like it to be presented and hang on a wall. After all, the final printed image represents my work!  If you take your file and print it at any lab, the lab will not take their time to enhance any image, the final image will turn out flat and the client would blame me, the photographer.   With Custom Prints, I enhance the images and email a final proofs to the client to make sure they are satisfied before printing.


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Private Photo Classes



Whatever you want to learn!

We can set up a flexible time for your private classes

  • Need help with Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO
  • Help understanding White balance
  • Help with color correction because your colors are coming out wrong
  • Help with blurry images (especially in dim lighting)
  • Help to get the background sharp or blurry
  • Help with portraits
  • Want to improve your travel and/or landscapes photos
  • Help to operate your new SLR camera
  • Confused on image editing
  • Learn to retouch images
  • Learn to process images

All types of photography

  • Travel
  • Close-ups
  • Portraits
  • Action
  • Low Light
  • Studio Photography


  • Printing
  • Monitor Calibration


Photography fundamentals

  • Exposure
  • Composition
  • How to shoot in full Manual (RAW)
  • Lighting Equipment

Digital Workflow

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Camera RAW
  • Editing
  • Image Adjusting