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Tanya is very easy to work with. She is responsive and detailed. She is shows up on time and is ready to start shooting. Tanya has a very good attitude. She can get the best out of people, and it shows in the quality of her photography. She has photographed number of our attorneys and they are all very pleased with the outcome

Ryan P.

Taking family portraits can be a stressful thing, especially with small children. Tanya made it a fun experience for everyone! Very easy to set up and do the session. Tanya is flexible and adapts immediately to changing desires and circumstances. The session was fast, fun, and well organized. Much prefer on-location pictures, and Tanya works with the light and scenery very well. Well, the pictures came out lovely and memorable! Highly recommend Tanya to all my friends and family!

Gonzalo S.
Tanya makes me feel very comfortable and at ease. Tanya makes it seamless. It doesn't feel like it's work. Tanya is fabulous to work with. She is the right eye and is creative. You can give her an idea or explain what you want to be shot and she then puts on her thinking cap and makes it even better. I like on location but studio is fine. Tanya has been great at both. Keep up the creative thinking and personal attention and style. It sets Tanya apart from the rest.
Olivia G.
Wow!!!! Your work is amazing. Our family pictures are the best. Thank you for working so patiently with our little girls and making sure every detail was perfect for our portraits. Your friendly and understanding personality helped us feel so comfortable during our appointment. I genuinely appreciate that we were not forced to do a shoot inside a photo studio. I love the natural look of being on location and the colors on our pictures are amazing. Thank you so much. We will be certainly calling you again to continue recording our milestones as our little ones keep on growing.
Karina L.

I Have had my photographs taken by Tanya several times. I could always count on Tanya to be punctual for any event or meeting. She makes me feel very comfortable to be myself during photo shoots and that was reflected in the photographs. I looked happy and comfortable. She is very innovative and if there's a bump in the road she turns any issue away with a bright idea. I will continue to get my photographs taken by Tanya and recommend her to all my friends and family!

Crystal A.
My family and I have had 4 shoots (2 maternity and 2 family/birthday) with Tanya. We really enjoy taking pictures with her because she is so friendly, makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera, knows her stuff and I love the way she incorporates a lot of color in her photos! I love colorful photos!! I highly recommend Tanya for any picture shoot!!!
Maria RB.

Tanya was amazing!  I think more than anything she made me feel comfortable! It was my first pregnancy & I was a bit self-conscious...She was easy to talk to, understood my vision & was so easygoing. It was an unforgettable experience, She even drove to 2 different locations in order to capture exactly the scenery my fiance & I wanted! Thank you Tanya for making me feel stunning & capturing beautiful images for my family & I.

Crystal S.

So far I have done three different sessions with Tanya and I am very well pleased with her professional service. One was an individual session the other was immediate family and then we did a big group family session. All very well organized specially the big group family session she picked a great location for it. Two were done in my home which by far was very convenient and once we got to see the pictures they had more meaning. Tanya really has a good eye. She makes sure you have that perfect lighting which is one thing that really stood out. She will take her time if she has to, until she gets that perfect light. I loved the fact that she felt comfortable to ask if she could use certain things that were around for props, gave it that last touch. Thank you!

Nancy H.

Our experience with Tanya on the photo shoot was amazing. Something new to us rather than just going into a studio. We we're very pleased with the beautiful location and how she worked with us made things real easy and comfortable. Over all we love how our photos turned out and are very satisfy clients I would recommend her business to anyone interested and will be back soon. Thanks again Tanya - You are great photographer.

Martina C.
I felt extremely comfortable. You were very patient and aware of my physical limitations making the experience very pleasant. It was very easy as you were extremely accommodating. Your flexibility to shoot our photos in the comfort of our home and at a favorite outdoor location made the process even better. We truly appreciated the urgency you placed on our order. We also enjoyed your warm and genuine personality. Thank You once again for such a wonderful experience. Our maternity photos turned out AMAZING. Victoria (who will be turning 2 in October) often points out "papa y mama" as she walks/runs by our maternity photo.
Norma M.
Every time you take our pictures it's you make us feel comfortable and we've had some intense photo shoots. I feel that's it's your personality and your patience that make taking pictures so much easier. You are open to our ideas and how we may want to pose. The best thing is that you are always patient with Bentley.
Jessica E.

To begin, you made me feel very comfortable while taking our family's pictures, it was very easy and pleasant to work with you, as you are a very patient and amazing person. I prefer location pictures because I prefer the outdoors and the vibrant colors of trees and flowers. I wouldn't change a thing, You are polite and professional!!! My family is difficult to deal with but you were very gracious, and I appreciate that.

Minerva GM.

You made me felt as if I was the center of the attention - the rock!!! I felt you were paying attention to all of us individually making us comfortable!!!! It was very easy to work with you because the directions were clear and understandable. You were giving us reasons why we should move this way, look that way it had to do with shades and it seems that you could see beyond the picture before you took it!!!! oh by the way I loved your personality and you were easy to get along with!!!!!

Javier C.